A dog made his owner very proud when he detected fire and alerted people busy partying to the danger that they were facing and saved their lives.

A Husky-German Shepherd cross named Luca smelled smoke coming from the flat at the bottom floor and went down to have a look. Upon finding that the place was on fire, the dog ran back up to his owner’s flat and started barking.

The fire alert caused by the dog suddenly ended the ongoing flat warming party because when the owner of the pooch, Hailey Beavis, checked the stairwell, it was filled with smoke. Hailey immediately turned the music off and told everyone in her flat to evacuate.

Hailey told reporters that everyone was scared, and most of the visitors thought they were going to die.

Hailey said that while Luca kept on barking, everyone else started leaving the flat, and someone called the fire brigade. About 75 percent of the guests left the vicinity very quickly, but eleven people got stuck in the flat. Hailey was also among the ones trapped inside the flat and had to jump onto an adjacent roof through a window to save her life.

Hailey, who is a musician, said that she could not get out because she could not get downstairs, but her dog stood by her even in that situation. Hailey told reporters that although her flat was on the first floor, it was not situated at a jumpable height.

Hailey was all praise for her nine-year-old pooch for saving everybody’s life at the flat. Hailey believes that it would have been a chaotic situation if Luca had not made everyone aware of the fire beforehand. The dog gave the people in the flat extra 30 seconds to escape and saved the day.

Image source: Hailey Beavis via MSN


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