When you’re a dog, one of the many perks of it is being able to get away with just about anything. Just ask this Golden Retriever.

His name’s Sterling, and he’s this family’s favorite pet. Sterling just breathes life into everything he did, so his family’s naturally drawn to him.

He’s not the only dog in the house, but he’s the only one with the most vibrant and playful personality. We couldn’t think of anyone who’d say no to those characteristics.

Sterling’s a fan of stealing clothes. His favorite was getting underwear of various sorts and hiding them in the garden. We don’t know why he did this but he’s pretty consistent.

He’d dig holes in the yard, and then put his face in it. He’d walk around with a copy paper bag plastered to his face, even if he couldn’t see.

He’d mistake strangers for his hooman, and he’d try to reach that other dog in the mirror to no avail. Trips outside became messy once Sterling spotted mud. He’s a mud fan.

He’d steal shoes, and then get all worried when mom tells him goodbye. That could stop dogs in their tracks, so great going, mom!

Sterling would play with balloons, but when his hoomans tie a bunch of them to him, the dog runs for his life. You’re too silly for words, pet!

His hoomans would dress him up in a hoodie, and the pet would go with it. Regardless if he could walk in it or not, Sterling always pulled through.

He’d get jealous about mom petting other dogs, so he’d block them from getting access. Sterling would also cause his hooman to fall because of his crazy antics, but those didn’t matter to them.

Glad you’re enjoying life, pet. Continue living it to the fullest. Next time, try not to scare your mom, okay?

Photo and video credits to Life of Sterling Newton via YouTube


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