Truett Palmer is a 2-year-old boy that was born with truncus arteriosus. It is a rare congenital heart defect where there is only one blood vessel coming out of his heart instead of two. Because of his condition, he needed to undergo open-heart surgery. His parents and doctors hoped that through surgery, they would repair the defect and give him a better quality of life.

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Unfortunately, there were some complications with the operation, and he suffered severe heart failure. He needed a heart transplant fast. Several months later, a donor was found, and Truett received a new heart. This time, the operation was a success.

Bonding with Zuri

Because of his operations, Truett spent a lot of time in the hospital. There he met and bonded with a female Goldendoodle therapy dog named Zuri. Every week the dog would come to visit the hospital, and Truett would have a great time playing with the dog. This was a bit of a ray of sunshine for Truett, who had to endure so much.

After spending months in the hospital, Truett was well enough to go home. This was great news for him and his parents. But Truett missed the weekly visits of Zuri, and this saddened him. His parents saw that Zuri missed the dog so much, so they decided to get him one of his own.

A new heart and a new puppy

The toddler’s parents started looking for a Goldendoodle. That’s when they came across a Facebook post advertising a Goldendoodle puppy to be given away to a deserving child. They decided to message Gena Gray, the author of the post. They told her of Truett’s story, and Gena decided that he was the one. 

Gena lived in Kentucky, a 9-hour drive from the palmers. So Truett’s dad, Brent Palmer, along with the boy’s grandfather Rick McCord, made the drive to get the puppy. They were so grateful to Gena for her generosity. When Truett received the pup, he was delighted. He named the puppy Zeda Grace. The two have become inseparable and do things together all the time. With his new healthy heart, Truett has so much love to give to Zeda.

After bonding with a therapy dog, 2-year-old heart recipient gets puppy from stranger

This sweet toddler was sad to leave a hospital therapy dog after receiving a heart transplant — so his parents gave him a pup of his very own ❤️

Posted by Good Morning America on Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Source: Good Morning America via Facebook


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