If one dog breed has a tarnished reputation, it’s none other than the pit bull. Fortunately, many prominent figures have tried to shed light on the reality of the breed. They are not vicious and as dangerous as the media portrays.

A well-known dog trainer named Cesar Millan recently went to an animal control center in Los Angeles to see its situation. Cesar met with Jose Gonzales, a field officer for the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter. He wanted to see a normal day in the life of animal control when it comes to rescuing pit bulls. Jose usually gets a lot of reports about stray pit bulls charging people.

Jose showed Cesar a part of a neighborhood with a lot of alleyways. Jose found a dog trapped in the basement on East 87 Street in Central Los Angeles. Unfortunately, he can’t go inside without a permit, so he left a notice in the mailbox. If the house owner does not respond within two days, he can get the dog.

After experiencing a regular day on the job with Jose, Cesar went back to the animal shelter. There he met with Leslie Corea, the kennel supervisor. According to her, they house over 400 dogs, and most of them are pit bulls. She sad because most people would prefer if pit bulls weren’t in the kennels.

Cesar asked to see the place where the dogs are euthanized. Leslie explains that she has to choose which dogs get put down. Despite some people’s assumptions, Leslie insists that she’ll never get used to doing it. Cesar’s mood was down after hearing that, mainly because his favorite dog was a pit bull named Daddy.

Cesar has a new show on DABL, a lifestyle network. His focus on this show is on pit bulls and showing the world how loveable they really are. Check out more details about this in the link below.

Video courtesy of DABL via YouTube.


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