I can’t begin to imagine what’s happening inside people’s minds when they abandon their pet dogs out in the middle of nowhere. Dogs are also living creatures that deserve love and care from their families. They’re not novelty items that people can just dump when they no longer want them.

A dog named Mama was first seen wandering in the streets in a rural part of California. Pictures of Mama wandering the highway were posted on social media, and concerned citizens also noted that Mama didn’t trust people enough to come near them. Animal control was informed about Mama, but they also failed to rescue Mama.

As months went by, people concerned about the safety and well-being of Mama tried and failed to catch her and bring her to a shelter. People started leaving bowls of food and clean water for Mama, and animal rescue organizations were also working together to catch Mama and bring her to a shelter where she can be safe.

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A man named Danny Spanks learned about Mama a few months after she was first seen. Danny is from an animal rescue organization called A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue and was determined to rescue Mama. When Danny went to the area where Mama was last seen, Danny first saw Mama wandering inside a fenced solar panel enclosure.

Mama was very skittish and would always run away when she sees people. Danny found that Mama would sleep under the solar panels at night and would wait by for people to bring her food during the daytime in an open field. Mama would accept food left by Danny but would always run away whenever Danny comes near her.

Danny refused to give up and would come to visit Mama every day to bring her food and win her trust. Little by little, Mama started to feel safe around Danny. Eventually, Mama felt comfortable with Danny that she even wanted to play with Danny. However, Mama still refused to be touched.

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Every day, Mama came closer and closer to Danny. It’s as if Mama wanted to be held but was still too scared. Mama eventually took food out of Danny’s hand. After a total of 15 months of living alone and outside, Danny was able to rescue Mama by luring her into a cage.

It may have taken Danny months to rescue Mama, but he also gained Mama’s trust. Mama’s slowly adjusting to her new life with a loving forever family. Here’s a heartwarming video showing how Danny showed a lot of patience to rescue a dog in need.

Video Source A Safefurr Place Animal Rescue via YouTube


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