Dogs and cats are naturally hostile toward each other. But, a video that has a total of 9 million views on Youtube proves that cats and dogs can be the best of friends too!

In the video, a cute kitten approaches a giant pitbull, and instead of barking at the feline, the dog’s kindness and patience left everyone in awe as she smiles and plays with the adorable cat.

The fact that cats and dogs don’t get along well, it was surprising to see the pair playing and having a great time together.

The cat doesn’t seem to understand the idea that she’s way too small for her playmate. As she keeps attacking the pitbull’s paws, the dog doesn’t seem to mind and seems to be enjoying the sight.

The quiet dog sometimes tries to steal kisses while the cat plays with her.

And if the dog’s enormous tongue almost knocks the little kitten off her balance, the pitbull tries her best to do so in the most caring and affectionate way possible.

Pitbulls have a reputation for being dangerous dogs. But as you go along with the video, there’s no such thing as bad and harmful dogs. It depends on how they were brought up and trained by their owners.

In the footage, the kitten looks more aggressive compared to the pitbull. The viewers of this video agree with that fact.

“Someday in the future, the cat will be the mighty one, and the dog will be her servant,” others say.

“The kitten attacked fiercely. The dog will never have her chance of fighting back,” says another.

We hope the pair will have more years together playing and enjoying each other’s company. Their story only proves that even though they are different species, they can co-exist and can also become the best of friends!

Source: Video from 1984missdaisy via Youtube


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