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Herbie was a visually-impaired Dachshund who relied on Hilda, a fellow Doxie, for support. They were found in the backyard by a man when their previous owners dumped them. The man was also a former rescuer, but since he was no longer in service, he decided to take the abandoned dogs to the shelter. They were brought to the Marion County Dog Services and transferred to the Salem Dogs rescue.

The shelter workers noticed the two dogs’ incredible bonds. The placement might be challenging, but the shelter was determined to find a family that would adopt them together. They had depended on each other, and the rescue group that took them in worked together so they could find a family who would give both of them a loving home. Even though Herbie was blind, he had a lovely personality that blended well with Hilda’s.

Unfortunately, his disability put potential adopters off as they considered him as a big responsibility. While Herbie was waiting for a forever home, Hilda followed him wherever he went. The staff wrote a Facebook post so people who were interested in adopting them would know about the two Dachshunds’ story. They were also spayed, neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated before they became available for adoption.

As their friendship continued to blossom, it was clear that the two darling pooches were meant for each other. Hilda was more than just Herbie’s guide dog, she was his best friend. Luckily, Dorothy and John Sinnar, Dachshund lovers, fell in love with the Doxie duo when they came across the post on Facebook. Since the couple is also an RV enthusiast, the pair would be experiencing a life full of adventure on the road.

They drove five hours to meet the bonded pair, and their connection was instant. The couple saw how protective Hilda was over her best friend. With the endless efforts of the shelter staff members in searching for adopters, these affectionate dogs would spend a happier life with their new owners.

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