It was the year 2012 when Kimchi, a blind Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was found in the bustling streets of Alabang, in Muntinlupa City, Philippines. The dog’s eyesight was almost gone, and he was severely emaciated.

While no one knew what Kimchi’s past was before being found on the streets, his rescuers knew that regardless of the dog’s history, he deserved a better life. After all the suffering that he went through, they knew that Kimchi’s misery had to stop.

Compassion for Responsibility for Animals (CARA) was deadset on changing this dog’s life. However, the only problem was, who will be the right family to take Kimchi home.

Many people saw how adorably sweet and cute Kimchi’s personality was. He received quite a lot of adoption applications from interested adopters, but only one family stood out.

The minute the married couple and Ginger, their Golden Retriever mix met Kimchi; they instantly fell in love with the disabled dog. However, it was Ginger who quickly made a connection with Kimchi.

Ginger is not your typical friendly Golden Retriever pet because he is not a friendly dog towards his fellow kind. He often bares his fangs and growls at other dogs, which worries his parents that he would never have a dog as a friend.

Ginger’s family was supposed to adopt a different pup, but Ginger was aggressive towards the new member of their pack. It made them realize that the puppy was not the right one for them.

Luckily, just before they were about to leave the shelter, they saw a small, fat dog walking towards them. Ginger’s family decided to introduce the senior dog to Ginger.

Ginger and Kimchi was a match made in heaven because Ginger was calm the entire time Kimchi was around her. Ginger and his family took a walk together with Kimchi and was surprised to see their pet licking the blind dog’s head.

From that moment on, Kimchi went home with Ginger and her new fur-parents. The two became inseparable, and Ginger became Kimchi’s guide dog despite not having any formal coaching.

Source: Ginger and Kimchi via Facebook


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