In just 60 seconds, what would you accomplish? Wish and Halo, two exceptional border collies, can perform 28 tricks in that period, setting a new Guinness world record for the most tricks performed by two dogs in one minute.

Wish and Halo is part of El Cajon, California-based trainer Emily Larlham’s pack. She began her career as a shelter animal caregiver 15 years ago. She is now an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, dog behaviorist, and her business, Dogmantics, specializing in non-intimidating dog training.

In an interview with Daily Paws, Larlham said that setting a world record was a perfect way to spread the word about positive reinforcement training. She bolstered by sharing some details about how she practiced using this technique.

Every hard work has paid off

She says it was a challenge to ask Wish and Halo to do tricks simultaneously and much faster than before in preparation for December 2020 gathering. She claims that the rules required them to be by her side when she performed tricks. So there were a few tricks she had to retrain or learn from scratch.

Since there were so many that they need to perform in such a short time, Emily only asked for a few at a time during the training cycle. This includes the last five tricks or the first five tricks. It took a few months to train the new tricks for insertion in the sequence.

Larlham says she’s elated when they completed the whole set of tricks. The most challenging part, according to her, is to remember the order to ask for the tricks and to ask for them to do it quickly. It’s also plain to see how ecstatic the dogs are.

Wish also set a new record, according to Guinness. With a time of 2.175 seconds, he set the record for the fastest 5-meter crawl by a dog.

You can check out the video here.

Thanks to our friends @kikopup/Instagram and Guinness World Records  youtube channel for sharing original images and video.


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