Border Collies are known for their speed, intelligence, and innate herding skills. They love being put to work and have tons of energy to burn. This breed is also very protective of their territory.

That being said, most farmers get Border Collies as watchdogs and are excellent when it comes to herding livestock. They watch over sheep, ducks, and sometimes, even children.

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The video below features a pack of Collies that herd thousands of turkeys. John Wright acquired his furry companions to help him protect his turkeys from predators such as foxes and other wild animals.

Wright had to do something to make his life easy, so he thought of having dogs to herd his poultry business. He didn’t even need to teach them since it came naturally for these canines to do their job.

“Mollie the Collie,” as Wright would call one of his dogs, was trained to be a sheepherder. However, his owner discovered her abilities as a turkey herder since she was a puppy. The now four-year-old pup can herd 1,400 turkeys like a pro, in a record time of twenty minutes.

Mollie is very efficient when it comes to doing her job. If not for the pup, it could have taken Wright hours to herd the birds. Aside from Mollie, Pip and Tilly also round up these turkeys and take turns in doing so.

One quick trivia about farming turkeys is that farmers used to herd these birds not just from their pasture to barn, but from farm to market, which could take miles. This method is called cross-country turkey herding.

Although Wright does take the birds cross-country, his dogs still work hard to round them up and is a big help to him since he saves more time to tend to some of his other farm animals.

What a great way to exercise these dogs’ natural abilities and intelligence! They do enjoy working and loves to please their human.

Don’t worry, these dogs are not just treated as workers, but as an essential part of Wright’s family, too. Check out the video below and see Mollie in action!

Video credit: Youtube Inside Edition

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