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Kodiak was an adorable Husky who didn’t like to incorporate any physical activity into his daily life. He preferred to stay at home than go for walks. Since his daily walks had been the least appealing activity for him, the lack of exercise took its toll on his figure. He weighed 82 pounds, and this was heavier than his ideal weight.

The chubby Husky had trouble moving around the house without falling off of furniture. Carrying his weight across the home was quite challenging for Kodiak. Jamie Naab, Kodiak’s parent, decided to bring him to the vet clinic for a checkup. According to the vet’s recommendation, Kodiak needed to lose weight.

This meant that Kodiak needed a lifestyle change. Instead of relaxing on his bed, he would be forced to embark on a fitness journey with Shelby Blu, his energetic fur sibling. As Kodiak lived a sedentary life, he had to be motivated by his owners to get him moving. While Shelby was looking forward to her daily runs, Kodiak liked being cooped up in his bedroom.

His fur parents struggled with convincing him to be more active. One day, he expressed his discontentment by telling his parents how he felt about his new routine. When Jamie enthusiastically invited Kodiak and Shelby to go for a walk, hoping she would receive a cheery response, Kodiak ran into his room. Shelby, on the other hand, was excited to explore the neighborhood.

Kodiak continued his protest by sulking out of his bedroom. Jamie was amused by his reaction, so she got her phone and started recording. She had never seen her lazy dog act like that, but Jamie wasn’t giving up. Despite throwing tantrums, the adorable dog didn’t get his way, but he was able to lose three pounds after Jamie forced him to join them in their daily walks.

Video Source: Southern Huskies via Instagram


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