One smart dog visits a store every day to buy himself treats with a leaf. Dog lovers are left in awe as this smart dog captures their heart.

Somewhere in Columbia, a dog named Negro lives on the school compound of Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare.

The faculty makes sure that Negro would never get hungry and would have a place to sleep at night for the past five years. He’s well taken care of on the campus with almost everybody. What makes people more impressed is that this smart dog has his way of getting himself treats that’s quite ingenious and almost human-like.

A store on the campus sells cookies. One day, when Negro happened to discover such a place, he saw how students hand over their money, which happens to be green, to buy goods in the store.

This incident is where he got the idea of getting leaves to buy himself treats from the store. This intelligent dog thinks that the leaves are just the same as what the students are handing over. Negro walked proudly towards the store with a leaf on his mouth. The store attendant was amused that he gave Negro a cookie.

In an interview with The Dodo, a teacher named Angela Garcia Bernal told them that the smart dog would go to the store and watch how the students hand their money and receive goods in return. Then one day Negro spontaneously walked towards the store with a wagging tail and a leaf on his mouth like letting the store attendant know that he would like to buy a cookie.

Anyone who would see such a gesture would not hesitate to give the smart dog a cookie. Now Negro comes by the store every day with a leaf for a  cookie.

As per the store attendant Gladys Barreto, the intelligent dog purchases a cookie every day with a leaf.

What a smart dog!

Thanks, Oh My Pup for sharing this amazing story!



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