Food is life for our beloved canine pals. No matter what meal you serve these furry dogs, they happily munch on them like there’s nothing more delicious than it.

Thus, one witty fur mom uses this soft spot to distract her canine from the nail trimming session. And, it seems such tactic’s convincing as the dog’s preoccupied with licking all the gooey stuff from its fur mom’s plastic-wrapped head.

Oooh! I so love peanut spread!

In this intriguing yet comical footage, a black-furred canine stands near its fur mom in their living room. At first, you’ll think the Mom-doggo pair hold an exciting conversation.

But, you’ll eventually notice that the canine’s fur mom wraps plastic around her head. What’s more peculiar is that a generous dollop of peanut spread’s splashed on the said plastic.

While everyone’s still musing what Mom’s planning with peanut spread on her head, the black dog starts energetically licking it. And, while the pup’s busy feasting on the delicious spread, Mom immediately jumps to trimming the canine’s toenails.

Don’t mind me, honey. Just keep snacking.

As the video progressed, Mom continues trimming the oblivious doggo’s toenails. By now, most dogs would’ve started nibbling at their fur mom’s hands to stop the trimming process, but the peanut spread effectively distracts the canine from doing it.

The camera then zooms in on the dog, only to see it furtively licking at the peanut spread. While the dog’s happily snacking, Mom carries on with the nail trimming process unhampered.

By the looks of it, the peanut spread distraction worked its magic on the oblivious canine. But, do you think Mom managed to finish the task using this strategy? You’ll only know if you continue watching the adorable pair in live-action through the video clip below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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