Everyone knows how helpful dogs are. No matter the situation, our canine friends find a way to aid us, even if they end up getting in trouble instead.

Thus, one doting Cavalier King Charles pup helps its Newfoundland brother escape from its restrictive donut. Though the device’s in place to protect the Newfie, it seems the dogs think the donut hinders having a fun day.

Let me help you out, big brother!

In this funny yet ingenious video clip, two adorable furry dogs stand in a room. One of the canines’ a brown-furred Newfoundland named Samson, while the other is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy named Rambo.

At first, it seems Rambo and Samson merely chill out together in their home. Yet, you’ll soon realize that the Newfie’s wearing a protective donut around his neck.

Though the donut’s in place for a protective measure, Rambo thinks otherwise as he starts tugging at it. Samson even adjusts his positioning to help his Spaniel sibling with the releasing process.

Hey! Please don’t remove it!

As the video progressed, Rambo carries on with his furtive search for the donut’s “lock.” The Spaniel puppy sniffs and sniffs until he arrives at the Velcro lock.

Without wasting any precious second, Rambo yanks at the fabric to unfasten it. While the Spaniel’s busy with the task, Samson makes sure to stay still to hasten the process.

After what seemed an eternity, the feisty Spaniel finally unlocks the protective donut, freeing Samson from the restrictive equipment. Rambo even continues holding on to the fabric to remove the donut from the Newfoundland’s neck thoroughly.

Seeing this, Mom laughingly reprimands the doggy pair for conniving with the escape plan. Yet, do you think Rambo successfully freed Samson from the donut? Continue watching the full video below to see these adorable dogs in live-action.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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