Tucker Budzyn is an online celebrity. He has pages simultaneously running on multiple social media platforms. For instance, on YouTube, Tucker has amassed 1.72 million subscribers, with over 200 million aggregate views.

In case you are not aware, those numbers are quite impressive. They mean Tucker has become a legit internet celebrity. They also mean this dog’s raking in a considerable amount of dollars from his content.

It’s easy to understand Tucker’s popularity and appeal. This dog’s an adorable golden retriever. But on top of his innate cuteness, his pages consistently update with fun and engaging content.

They are too engaging that last year, Tucker celebrated another milestone in his online career. That’s amassing a million followers on Instagram. Here’s a video of Tucker’s celebration.

The video starts with Tucker looking directly at the camera. We hear Tucker’s mom talk to the dog. Mom announces to Tucker that he’s reached a million followers on Instagram.

Tucker does not look too surprised. Perhaps he knows such a thing is inevitable, given how charming he is. His mom’s more excited than him, for obvious reasons.

Tucker’s mom presents Tucker with a celebratory cake. It’s made of veggies. Tucker tries to enjoy the cake, but he can’t fake his enjoyment too long.

Thankfully for Tucker, his mom’s just messing with him. She actually baked an honest-to-goodness cake for him. And it’s a doggy peanut butter cake no less.

The cake looks delicious. Surely, it tastes even better. Tucker eats his cake with gusto, knowing he deserves it.

Tucker’s mom puts a party hat on Tucker’s head. But Tucker could not care less about the hat. For Tucker, the peanut butter cake takes the cake.

Thus far, this celebration video for Tucker’s one million Instagram followers has amassed more than a million views on YouTube. We bet Tucker’s mom is quite happy about that.

Thanks to Tucker Budzyn


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