When Riley was first found, people couldn’t believe their eyes. They thought he was dead. But when a man looked closer, he was shocked to see that the poor dog was still breathing. The Good Samaritan immediately reached out to Stray Rescue of St. Louis while another woman stopped to give Riley something to drink.

Donna Lochmann, a volunteer from Stray Rescue, responded to the scene. She, too, was shocked as she saw Riley. The poor dog could barely move. He was so weak and fragile.

People worked together to get Riley loaded into the jeep. At the rescue clinic, vets and other workers quickly went to work to save Riley. Using a syringe, they gave him water. Everyone did all that they could to keep him stable.

Riley was emaciated. He had an extremely low temperature, and his body was covered with infected wounds. Jordyn Stevenson, one of the workers, cleaned and treated his injuries. They hooked Riley up to an IV for fluids to keep him hydrated.

“You could just see that grateful look in his eye that we were helping him,” said Donna. “But we wanted him to see the outdoors, so we padded a little red wagon, put him in there, and started pulling him around.”

With medication, healthy meals, and lots of love, Riley quickly regained his strength. He had the will to live, so he fought for his life. And in about two weeks since his rescue, the resilient dog managed to stand on his own.

Riley took on a mission to survive. Even his rescue friends were so amazed by how fast he recovered. And before long, Riley’s search for a forever home already concluded.

A gentleman who has been following his story reached out to Stray Rescue. He wanted to bring Riley into his family. So he paid him a visit and met with him personally.

Riley and his new dad had an instant bond. So once he was strong enough, he went home with him. And Riley is now enjoying his life with his loving family.

Credits to Stray Rescue of St. Louis



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