Two days after a fire destroyed a building, a dog was found alive and well. He was discovered on the apartment’s third floor.

The owner went back to the building to check the status of the apartment. She was so surprised to hear her dog barking.

Kayla Blake, the dog’s owner, thought that he lost her pet to the fire. She felt so grateful when she discovered that the dog was safe.

Last Thursday, in Harrisonburg’s Hills at Southview apartment complex, a three-story building went ablaze. Dozens were displaced, and Kayla Blake, a student from James Madison University, was one of them.

Fortunately, Blake was not at home when the fire started. However, her dog, Rebel was left on her apartment which was situated on the third floor of the burning building. Blake felt devastated when she heard the news about the fire. She wanted to know if the authorities managed to save her pet.

Blake had Rebel for three years already. She got him from the Richmond Animal League.

K-9 unit which was part of the rescue squad mentioned that there was a very slim chance that Rebel survived the flames. Also, the smoke could have suffocated the poor dog as well.

Two days later, Blake, together with a friend went back to the apartment to check how much damage the fire caused. When she arrived, she heard a dog barking. She was so happy to see that it was Rebel. She informed the authorities about her dog’s status.

After five or six minutes, a firefighter yelled that they got Rebel. He gave Blake a thumbs up through the apartment’s window.

The incident was recorded on a video clip and was posted to social media. The clip showed how the team carried Rebel out of the apartment. People cheered with joy seeing that the dog was safe.

According to the first responders, Rebel hid under a desk with a flag of James Madison University. Thankfully, the area wasn’t destroyed by the fire.

Aside from a burn on his nose and a drop on his weight, a veterinarian summed up that Rebel was fine. Blake said that she will definitely take Rebel with her wherever she ends up after the incident.

We want to thank  ABC News for sharing this heartwarming reunion video.


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