A lot of people these days love dogs – who doesn’t? As such, they can be seen virtually everywhere. At home, in the lawn, in the streets, and at the parks. But one dog has his peculiar favorite place; he doesn’t want to leave at all!

Meet Rufio, a Golden Retriever who is also a service dog in Chicago. Recently, a video of him being gently dragged on the leash out of the pet store went viral on Instagram. In the video, Rufio lovingly showed his love for shopping by refusing to leave despite his owner pulling him out.

But no worries, no harm being done here. In fact, he even sticks out his tongue innocently and lied down adorably, so his favorite human will let him stay at the pet store for a longer time.

But there is more to Rufio than just being a shopaholic. It turns out, the adorable Golden Retriever is also a therapy dog, which means he is trained to go with his owner to volunteer in schools, nursing homes, as well as hospitals. Rufio has been certified as a therapy dog after meeting the character requirements for such including friendliness, acceptance of strangers, good manners, calmness even in a new environment, confidence, and relaxed attitude even when the environment is not at its peaceful state, among others.

After that viral video, it seems like Rufio has turned into a celebrity overnight. As of this writing, he has been featured by prominent names in the media industry such as The Daily Mail, ABC News, and The Dodo.

Today, Rufio continues to warm the hearts of 250,000+ netizens as they follow his sweet images on Instagram. With a leash or not, Rufio keeps on being a charmer by showing off his cute poses on every IG photo. Apparently, he’s also photogenic!

Source: Livingthatgoldenlife via Instagram


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