What would have been a fun boating trip for Belgian Malinois, Rylee, and her family, Edward and Kristin, turned into an almost disaster when she fell overboard. After through miles of swimming and walking, Rylee ends up back in her family’s loving arms.

Couldn’t find Rylee

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The day started good enough for Rylee’s boat ride with her parents. But just a few miles from the shore, the boat started manifesting engine problems. Edwin was trying to fix things while Kristin was steering the boat.

After a few minutes, the couple realized that Rylee was not with either of them. “We were gone for maybe 10 minutes, and then we couldn’t find her anywhere on the boat,” Edwin said.

They searched the boat and looked into the water, but they couldn’t find Rylee. Edwin quickly made a mayday call to alert other boatmen about what had happened. A lot of boaters promised to keep an eye on Rylee, but it had been several hours, and there’s still no sign of the dog.

It takes a village to look for a dog

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Edward and Kristin were very grateful for the immediate response of other boaters and fishermen. One of the first few who responded to the alert was Lynn Fiedor. Lynn quickly posted about the search and rescue for Rylee on social media to alert others in the area.

They pulled all the stops just to be able to locate Rylee. Lynn and the couple also coordinated with the Coast Guard to quicken the search.

The next morning, they received a report that Rylee was dropped off by a boater at the Empire Beach and was seen at the Platte River Campground. Edwin and Kristin rushed to the area, optimistic that they’ll find Rylee this time.

Once at the campground, Lynn suggested that they squeak one of the dog’s toys to attract his attention. After a few minutes, Rylee emerged from the woods. Finally, the family has been reunited after several hours of ordeal, and it ended with happy tears.

All in all, Rylee had to swim nearly six miles and walked another 12 miles just find her family. She’s indeed one brave and loyal dog.

Watch Rylee and the couple’s happy reunion in this video.

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