One look and anyone will be convinced that someone really didn’t like this poor puppy. It was a busy day in Yoctangee Park in Ohio when people discovered a white puppy locked in a small wire cage. The pup was alone and scared.

No one saw any sign of the owner. No one even noticed the dog being dropped at the park. But a message was left for anyone who ends up finding her – and it’s scribbled all over the dog’s body.

On the left side of her body, it said, “Free.” On the right, it read, “I am gift from God. And on her forehead, it said, “Good home only.” All these were hand-scrawled on her white fur with the use of a black permanent ink marker.

Police officers were called in for help. And immediately, the puppy was taken into Ross County Humane Society. Kennel Manager Monica Denney attended to the furry one, and she couldn’t believe what she saw.

“All of us were pretty stunned,” said Denney. “I’ve been here for 3 years now and have witnessed plenty of awful things, but this, it’s horrifying.”

Besides the ink markings on her body, the five-month-old pup seemed pretty healthy. Staffers started calling her Marvella. In French, marvella means “miracle,” a perfect description of what a miracle Marvella is.

After bathing Marvella using dish soap with hydrogen peroxide and some good scrubbing, her shiny white fur stood out. Although shy at first, Marvella quickly warmed up with shelter workers. And she also started playing and chasing other shelter dogs.

Shortly after her rescue, Marvella was put up for adoption. Denney was confident that it won’t take long for her to find the best possible family. And she was right. Linette Wrightsel welcomed Marvella into her family.

Photo Credits to Ross County Humane Society


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