Elaine Dahl and Cloid Hamer tried helping two abandoned female dogs living at a construction site. They did all that they could, but they needed further help. Through the Kris Kelly Foundation, Elaine and Cloid connected with Hope For Paws.

The Bill Foundation offered to take Macy and Melody after their rescue. So Eldad Hagar wasted no time and quickly responded to the call. At the rescue location, he found the dogs that took refuge in a small den.

Eldad offered them food. But while they gladly accepted it, they chose to keep a safe distance from the stranger. They haven’t had human contact for so long, and they weren’t sure what Eldad wanted.

To capture both of them, Eldad set up an enclosure using plastic fencing. The dogs panicked at first, but they started to calm down a few minutes later. Soon, Eldad managed to place a leash around them, and they drove to Hope For Paws center right away.

At the hospital, staffers discovered that Melody was pregnant and that she was ready to give birth to six babies at any time. She proceeded to be with her foster mom Stephanie, a vet tech, and a foster with Hope For Paws. After giving birth, Melody and her babies stayed with Stephanie for the next three months.

Once the babies were weaned, the foundation made them available for adoption. It didn’t take long for all six puppies to find their new forever homes. Melody, however, is still with Stephanie.

The new mama felt a bit insecure with her foster mom at first. Thanks to Stephanie’s patience and love, Melody slowly adjusted to her new life. And before long, she decided that the dog isn’t going anywhere. Melody found her home.

Macy, meanwhile, found it hard living her new life. To help her adjust, the foundation sent her to K-9 101 Consulting. She strived during her training and made excellent strides to becoming confident and happy. Three weeks later, the Bill Foundation received an adoption application that sounded perfect for her.

The dog met with her potential adopters. Quickly, Macy fell in love with them, and she liked her new dog sibling, too. So before the trial period ended, Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena decided to adopt Macy officially.

Credits to Hope For Paws and Bill Foundation


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