For more than two years, a small dog has been sitting by the road, just outside a small gate of a house in ruins. Without any human companions, the dog became dirty, unkempt, and grew heavily matted fur. One silver lining for the abandoned pooch is that he had a kind neighbor who regularly fed him.


But despite this show of kindness, the dog remained wary of humans. Even to the woman that gave him food. He refused to come out for anyone and would only take a peek when the neighbor called his name. And because they didn’t know his name, they just called him Boksil.

They try to leave him alone as much as they can because they know that the dog was scared of humans. And when no one is around, he would come out from hiding and eat the food. He would then crawl under the gate and take his position by the road.

For hours, until darkness comes, the poor pooch would sit down, watching the cars passed by, unmoving from his spot. The neighbor would catch a glimpse of him when she passes by, and it breaks her heart to see him that way.

Not only was he sad and lonely, but he looked terrible. His fur was severely matted and it looked like it hurt a lot. It made him look twice his size and he didn’t really resemble a dog anymore.

A new life

Not knowing what to do, she called a local rescue group and asked for help. A team was sent and they got to work. Boksil sensed the presence of a lot of men so he decided to make a run for it. At the back of the abandoned house was a hill and he climbed up it. Thankfully though, the men were able to follow and catch him.

They took Boksil to a vet where he was cleaned up and given a series of tests. They found that the pup has heartworm but it was still treatable. Aside from that, he was in good health.

Boksil was then taken to the kind lady’s house. She adopted him as she felt that they had a certain connection. She vows to take care of the dog and make him feel happy again.

Source: SBS TV via Youtube


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