A no-kill shelter called DAWGS, which stood for Dalhart Animal Wellness Group and Sanctuary, was founded by a group of 4th graders from the Texas Panhandle. This particular class of students was responsible for setting up the shelter to house neglected animals. Establishing this non-profit organization was an incredible feat, a challenge that these kids bravely accepted.

It all started with a photo of puppies. The picture sparked the need to save these poor animals, which led to the concept of a shelter than can do just that. And so, DAWGS was born.

With the help of their schoolteacher Diane Trull, the students poured their time and effort into keeping DAWGS in operation. For the past 15 years, the shelter certainly made a difference and was able to save around 15,000 dogs at the very least.

Diane decided to share this remarkable story with the world. She wrote a book, DAWGS: A True Story of Lost Animals and the Kids Who Rescued Them, that told of their endless challenges in setting up the shelter.

The children were taught early on how to deal with difficulties and disappointments. In dealing with problems about building the shelter and raising awareness about abandoned dogs, the kids needed to learn how to persevere and remain motivated to reach their goal.

Maintaining the needs of the shelter was a daunting task, but the children rose to the challenge. They took responsibility and focused on the well-being of the animals, became active in the community, and learned the importance of commitment.

Recently, the students who first started the shelter are now about to finish college and start looking for work. They all agreed that their time with DAWGS changed their lives for the better.

The thousands of saved dogs would bark in agreement with that.

Photos courtesy of DAWGS n Texas


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