Habits are tough to let go of. Just ask this pampered Golden Retriever. His habit of letting his owner carry him like a baby was something he couldn’t let go of.

As a puppy, Benjamin loved being carried. He basked in his mom’s love, attention, and kisses. He’s never been without those for long, so the dog thought it was a normal occurrence.

You’d think that an intelligent and equally intuitive pet would be mindful of his size as the years went by. Not our Benjamin, no. He was hilariously clueless about the implications.

Benjamin was at the lab to get some tests done one day. Mom understood that he wasn’t feeling well, so she allowed her pet to sit on her lap.

That soon turned into a full-blown baby carry, paws up and all. We’re not sure if Benjamin was already taking meds by this time, but he behaved like a groggy one.

We’re sure that he was aware of people staring and talking about him, but he didn’t care. His mom’s embrace was the best spot, and it relaxed him. Benjamin didn’t care about anything else.

Benjamin must have weighed around 20 kilos, a huge jump from his puppy weight. That meant nothing to the doggo as he continued to enjoy being carried.

The pet had no idea he was too heavy for mom because she didn’t say anything. Mom didn’t behave like she didn’t want to carry Benjamin either, so it’s all good on his part.

The dog continued to chill on his back, with mom making sure her baby didn’t fall. Now that’s true devotion and adoration.

We hope that whatever ailed you quickly went away, Benjamin. Thanks for showing us what true love looked like. Mad props to you, mom, for being the true champion in this story!

Photo and video credits to DogLove24 via YouTube


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