Eldad Hagar responded quickly once he received a call for help through the Hope For Paws hotline. The Good Samaritan claimed to spot a dog under a car parked in a residential neighborhood. She was dirty and a little skinny, so the man believed someone dumped her on the street.

When Eldad made it to the scene, he found the dog exactly where the man saw her. The rescuer went on his knees and encouraged the dog to come to him. The adorable white pup, however, was too scared to come close.

Eldad noticed that the dog wore an old pink collar on her neck, but she didn’t have a tag. He spoke with kind words and talked to her in a soft, gentle voice and offered her pieces of tasty treats. Eldad also tried to lure her to come out of her hiding, but the dog refused.

It was tough to reach the dog from under the vehicle, so the rescuer went back to his car and grabbed the gentle snare. Interestingly enough, the dog came out and followed him. Eldad was happy and surprised, so he gave her some pats on the head.

Things seemed to go as planned when, suddenly, the little smart dog stole the treats Eldad had on his hand. And right after, she retreated back to her hiding spot. Stunned and a bit entertained, Eldad decided to sit on the sidewalk and wait for the dog to come back.

Moments later, the pup showed up again. When she got close enough, Eldad grabbed her by her collar and attached the Lucky Leash on it. He wanted to make sure she won’t run away again.

Eldad named the dog Snowbird. He loaded the pup into the car, and they drove straight to the hospital. Snowbird was happy to leave her old life, and she was grateful that Eldad came and pulled her out of the streets.

Snowbird is now under the care of A.R.T. and Paws Animal Rescue. She will stay with them until the vet issues her medical clearance, and her forever family arrives. For now, she’ll spend her days filled with so much love and plenty of tasty treats.

Credits to Hope For Paws


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