Rocky Kanaka is a very active advocate for dogs who does everything he can to help homeless dogs get adopted. Rocky is known for making videos about dogs and posting them on his social media site as well as on video streaming websites. The great thing about Rocky’s videos is that it helps people become more aware of adopting homeless or shelter dogs instead of buying them from a pet store.

Rocky’s strategy to promote adoption is by taking a dog out of a shelter and walking him or her around the city. This strategy helps the dog become more visible, and Rocky gets a chance to tell the story about the dog he’s walking.

One particular dog he took out for a walk is named Zeus. Zeus is a pit bull who has lived as a stray or homeless dog for quite some time. It amazed him why people never picked him up and took him to a shelter when Zeus is one of the sweetest dogs Rocky had a chance to walk.

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Rocky was also amazed by the reason why Zeus wasn’t getting adopted. Rocky learned that people avoided Zeus because of his breed type. Pit bulls are often misrepresented as vicious animals who are not suitable for families. However, this stereotype can never be more wrong. In fact, pit bulls are actually one of the sweetest dogs out there who are incredibly loyal and loves to cuddle.

To keep people from getting scared when he takes Zeus out for a walk, Rocky dressed him up as a pink bunny. The strategy worked. Instead of getting scared, people started coming towards Zeus and petting him. They even tried to give him cuddles. Zeus loved all the attention he’s getting from the people.

However, the highlight of Zeus’s day with Rocky was when Rocky cooked him his first home-cooked meal. Rocky let Zeus choose between steak, salmon, and a burger. Rocky figured that Zeus deserved to be spoiled, and he’s doing it the best way he knows how which is feeding him a delicious meal.

As soon as Rocky placed all the meat in his grill, the aroma of the meat started to come out, and Zeus couldn’t wait to have a taste. After cooking and preparing all the food he made, he placed all three different types of meat in front of Zeus. Rocky let Zeus choose his first home-cooked meal.

Zeus was definitely spoiled during his day out with Rocky Kanaka. If you want to know what Zeus chose for his first home-cooked meal, here’s an adorable video showing what Zeus chose for his first meal. Also, at the end of the video, Rocky surprised Zeus with another thing. Find out what it is by clicking on the play button below.

Video Source Rocky Kanaka via YouTube


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