There are two types of dogs. We have good boys and bad boys. An internet famous Husky named K’eyush is mostly a good boy who politely asks for waffles. But today, he shows his dark side…  A rude, impolite, and stubborn side. Whenever his Mum wants him to do something, he would talk back, be unresponsive, or bark nastily at his Mum.

Key and his Mum started the day learning some new tricks like “sit”, “back out”, “wave”, “speak” and “sing”. But, after that, Key’s Mum wanted to start all over again. She instructed Key to sit, but Key did not do as he was told and just responded with a “No thanks.” Furious, his Mum won’t take no for an answer.

“Key,” she asked patiently, “are you listening?” Key continued to turn his back to her, looking away. So, she respectfully asked Key to sit once more, which Key declined, too. Instead, he hopped toward the kitchen, then want back out and almost pounced her Mum! It seems Key was not in the mood for some lessons today. He’s getting a bit bored.

Key’s Mum decided to move on to the next trick, which was waving goodbye. Key responded and lifted his paws. Good Boy!

The next trick is to lay “down”. Once his owner commanded him to go down, he decided to clean his bum. Mum’s jaw dropped, but she decided to give it another shot, and Key finally dropped his knees, and he even crawled! Key’s owner awarded him with a biscuit! Good Boy!

They tried a few more tricks, and Key decided to lie down even though he wasn’t supposed to (don’t we all?) But after a long day of doing tricks, Key finally got a biscuit and a treat! Yay for a happy ending!

Watch as Good Key prevails over Bad Key in this heartwarming video:

Source: K’eyush The Stunt Dog via YouTube


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