Fur dad Zachary Corrado from South Carolina had often walked his Irish Wolfhound, Merlin, without a leash. He encountered no issues with it in the past as the pup was quite well-behaved. However, it was a different story just recently.

That Tuesday night, Zachary was out on a regular beach walk with Merlin when the dog spotted a fox across the road. Before the fur dad could react, the Irish Wolfhound already took off to chase the wild animal. Unfortunately, a truck came passing by at the same time and accidentally struck the dog.

The driver did skid to a stop but immediately took off without helping, leaving the poor dog’s owner crying for help in the middle of the road. That was when Drew Kreiling and his wife, Sharon, came to the rescue.

The couple had just enjoyed a casual date night at a nearby café and decided to take a different route back home to sightsee by the beach. Little did they knew that this simple detour would save Merlin’s life.

After witnessing the gruesome hit and run, Drew and Sharon knew that they had to offer a hand, so they rushed to the scene to see what they could do. They discovered that Merlin was already in critical condition but seeing the hurt in Zachary’s eyes compelled the couple to try and save the pup’s life.

Sharon went ahead and called the emergency hotline to direct them to the nearest vet while Drew helped the fur dad get Merlin into the back of his pickup truck. They then rushed to the Animal Emergency Hospital of the Strand, where vets immediately tended to the dog’s wounds.

Fortunately, six hours of surgery later, Zachary was informed that Merlin would survive. However, the operation that essentially rebuilt the dog’s leg and put a plate in his shoulder was anything but cheap, leaving the fur dad with a debt of $9500.

Thankfully, Drew and Sharon didn’t stop at just taking Merlin to the vet as they got on Facebook and started a fundraiser for Merlin’s vet bills. They eventually hit the goal and got the pup released from the hospital. Merlin is now on his way to recovery, thanks to the help of two strangers that they met that fateful night. Watch the canine’s story here.

Courtesy of Meredith Helline WMBF


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