Losing a puppy in 2007 devastated Joshua Edwards. He lost his Rottweiler pup from his home in Florida. His dog’s name was Duke. Although Joshua did everything he could to find his lost dog, he felt like he ran out of options and was left with the likelihood that he might not be able to see his beloved Duke ever again.

Fast forward eight years later, Joshua received a call informing him that a dog registered under his name was already found. Joshua didn’t quite get what it meant, thinking that the call could have been intended for any one of his three clients, whose names are also Duke. He didn’t have any clue as to why anyone of his clients will use his name on a pet chip company. Despite his hesitance, Joshua met with the callers anyway. Little did he know that he was about to get a pleasant surprise.

He nervously waited for the dog that the caller supposedly found, and honestly didn’t know what to expect. In his mind, he thought it could have been a mistake, or that anyone of his clients made a mistake. Hoping for the best, but still expecting for the worst – he nervously waited for a dog named Duke.

After grueling minutes of waiting for the supposed meetup with the lost and found dog, Joshua and Duke finally met. Joshua was in awe and dumbstruck because the dog that they found was the very same dog he was looking for eight years ago. They found his long lost Rottie, Duke. And after eight years of waiting, they are finally reunited. Watch their tear-jerking reunion video below:

Maria Elena Cartaya saw the Rottie walking aimlessly in the streets and decided to return the dog to its rightful owners. Little did she know that Duke had been missing for over eight years.

Source Miami Herald via Youtube


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