It was past ten at night when a call came through Hope For Paws hotline. Eldad Hagar, founder and CFO of the rescue group did not hesitate and quickly responded. He asked his friend and colleague Myrna Aguirre to join and help complete the mission.

Eldad and Myrna drove to Compton, California, and arrived at the marketplace where people last spotted the dog. The Good Samaritan, who called and asked for help, said that the dog first appeared in the area several days back. He waited and hoped that his family would come back, but they never showed up again.

The rescuers noticed a lot of vehicles kept passing by the nearby road. Worried that the dog might make sudden movements, they lured her into an alley, away from the street. And then, they rushed to get food from the street vendor down the road.

Myrna slowly approached the dog and offered him some food. But the pup felt nervous even with the littlest movement around him. So the rescuers agreed that using a humane trap was the safest way to try and catch him.

Eldad and Myrna set up the trap and hid in the alley across the street. They patiently waited for the dog to go inside the trap. Suddenly, officers of the Compton Police showed up.

The cops thought the rescuers were up to something when they saw Eldad and Myrna hiding in the alley. The rescuers explained their purpose, and the officers left right away. The dog, however, panicked for a little while. Fortunately, he did not run off, and he walked into the trap instead.

Once secured, Eldad and Myrna loaded the travel cage at the back of their car and drove back to L.A., where the dog, named Pepe later on, received medical care. In an instant, the nervous dog relaxed. Pepe realized that the people around him would be the same persons who’d provide him a better life.

After receiving his medical clearance, Pepe continued to his foster home. He stayed with Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary and stayed with them until he found his forever home. Today, Pepe enjoys a life full of love.

Credits to Hope For Paws


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