Police officers and their K9 partners have a very unique relationship. They form a different bond, a stronger one. This is because they have trained to be together at all times and rely on each other for survival. Unlike your ordinary pets, K9 dogs work with their masters, or handlers if you will. They don’t just see each other at home, but they spend their time mostly together.

K9s and their handlers stay together for at least eight years. From the start of their training until they are retired at around nine years old. Through those years, a police officer and his dog will have lots of experiences together forging a bond stronger than steel. So there is certainly no doubt that when a handler loses his K9 partner, he or she would be heartbroken.

Officers Madsen and Lemon

Lemon is a German Shepherd who served for eight years in a police department in Pasco, Washington. His partner is Officer Madsen. And together, they encountered numerous cases where they took down multiple suspects. They also took dangerous missions like drug busts. They have made the community safer and have made an enormous difference in the lives of many people and families.

One such person is Cassandra Berg. Officers Madsen and Lemon once provided assistance to the Berg family that had a significant positive impact on their lives. They never forgot what the duo has done for them, especially Lemon. Sadly, just a few weeks after Lemon retired from service, he suffered a medical crisis and passed away.

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They know that Officer Madsen was heartbroken over the untimely passing of his beloved partner. To show their gratitude, the Bergs decided to give Officer Madsen a gift. They want to give him a small stuffed replica of Lemon. To do this, they took photos of the dog and took it to Cuddle Clones. When they got the replica, they brought it to the station to give to Officer Madsen.

They took a video of Officer Madsen unboxing the surprise. It’s a good thing because he had the most amazing reaction. The police office slowly unwrapped the gift, patiently removing the wrapper and ripping off the tape. When he opened the box and removed the paper stuffing, he quickly turned emotional. He choked back tears as he brought out the lifelike copy of his beloved partner. You could clearly see that he appreciated the gift so much and that he misses Lemon even more.

Officer gets stuffed animal that resembles fallen K9

Officer gets stuffed animal that resembles fallen K9."Gave Officer Madsen his gift today! He cried he loved it so much! I’m so glad that I was able to give this to him as a keep sake of K9 Officer Lemon!!!" – Cassandra Berg on Facebook

Posted by WEAR ABC 3 News, Pensacola on Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Source: WEAR ABC3 News via Facebook


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