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Each dog has a unique personality. Some can be playful or shy, but some can also appear strong and fierce. Pitbulls are just one of the dog breeds that is feared by many, as it looks like a violent breed of dog.

People tend to misunderstand that a dog’s actions and personalities are because of their breed. In reality, it depends on how well they are raised and trained.

Stereotyping Pitbulls, as an aggressive dog breed, has been a usual problem for a community. However, a Pitbull named Simba was able to change the perspective of an old woman who is terrified of Pitbulls.

The owner of Simba, Arjanit Mehana, resides in an apartment building located in Sweden. Mehana feels that his neighbors have never liked and welcomed Simba to their community.

They’re avoiding and eyeing Simba because of his breed. Though Mehana knows that Simba is a very loving and adorable pup, he still can’t change how their neighbor treats his dog.

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Simba has continuously been greeting this particular old woman who lives just one floor below theirs. Mehana noticed how cold the old woman treats Simba.

She looks very uncomfortable and avoids Simba in all ways possible because, as she says, Simba belongs to a “bad breed.” Just like that, all other excellent traits of Simba were unnoticeable simply because he’s a Pitbull.

However, everything changed because of an incident.

Simba and Mehana were about to go home after a long walk. Just as they’re headed up the stairs, Simba stopped and started to bark. Simba rushed to the old woman’s door and refused to leave.

Mehana couldn’t understand why his pitbull would act this way. Then, he heard a weak voice asking for help.

After he realized that the door was unlocked, Mehana and Simba went inside. They found their neighbor lying on the floor and unable to move. The old woman has been there for two days and has broken her hip!

Mehana and Simba called for help and patiently waited with the old woman until the ambulance arrived. Throughout the ordeal, the old woman was very thankful to Simba for hearing her out. She has since changed her views on Pitbulls and even called Simba a “nice doggie.”

The news about Simba’s heroic deed spread throughout their community. Simba has then been showered with love and gifts that he definitely deserved. This one incident truly is an eye-opener to people who judge the Pitbull breed as a whole!

Source: Arjanit Mehana via Instagram


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