Sadie, a pit bull in Tuckahoe, Westchester County, escaped from home to alert the cops. This saved a clueless family from a gas leak.

Last Wednesday, Sadie was seen around a yard in Tuckahoe. She was barking nonstop.

Police responded to a call about the barking dog. They were phoned at 3:45 PM, and they immediately went to check the house.

According to Lawrence Rotta, a police Lieutenant, Sadie guided him and other officers to a couple of streets. They passed several streets before finding the dog’s house.

Upon arrival, they noticed that a fence was broken and a sliding glass door was left open.

The police officers decided to check the perimeter. Good thing, they spotted a gas odor coming from a window in the basement.

They  asked for assistance from the Eastchester Fire Department. Con Edison confirmed that there was indeed a gas leak on the basement.

Rotta explained that if they hadn’t seen the situation, the house could have exploded and the residents would have been in danger.

When they inspected further, they saw some blood and claw marks at the door. The family believes that Sadie sensed that the house and the family were in danger. It was great that she took action to save her family.

Serena Costello, Sadie’s owner shared how she felt so proud of her dog. It looks like Sadie was desperate to get out of the window. She tried her best to get out of the window.

Sadie was indeed a hero. She saved Costello’s and her 4-year old daughter’s life.

According to Costello, Sadie never ran out of their house. This time, however, Sadie managed to dig her way out by chewing away a wooden blocker on the sliding door.

The wooden blocker was built to keep her from running out. The contraption was effective for 11 years. However, Sadie somehow managed to remove the blocker and escape through the fence.

Costello kept saying “She is a hero”. Sadie did something he hadn’t done before just to save their lives.

Special thanks to ABC7  for posting this story.


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