There is this hungry little puppy that steals the food of a much larger dog. It is a mischievous Pomeranian who is unstoppable as he does away with eating from the bowl of a Shiba Inu dog. Our featured video of this Pomeranian filmed in their Korean home is a must-watch as this doggie is so cute, even if it a bit naughty!

Dog stealing food video

The footage of the Pomeranian pup caught in the act of stealing food, not just once but several times was uploaded to the YouTube account of the Korean owner. This account features two Shiba Inu dogs named Pong and Shiru. However, the star of our featured video is the other house pet is Bamtol, a cute Pomeranian puppy who is as fluffy as can be.

How the dog stole the food

Running in the hallway, making a beeline towards the kitchen, Bamtol goes straight to a dog bowl and then hesitates for a moment before proceeding to eat. When Shiru, the Shiba Inu dog, who owned that container, went near Bamtol to stop him by staring him down, this pup ran away! Shiru was hot on the Pomeranian’s tracks as it had a mouthful of food! It got to escape and then stood up a few feet away from Shiro to chew and swallow the food that he kept in his mouth!

A fearless puppy

After finishing the mouthful, the mischievous puppy went back to the bowl, and under the glaring eyes of the Shiba Inu, fearlessly ate the food again! The owner picked up Bamtol to stop him and carried him from the kitchen into the other side of the living room. Shiru checked the contents of his bowl and watched the owner take Bamtol as far away as possible.

No matter how far

But, the distance didn’t stop the puppy who proceeded to follow the owner back to the kitchen to steal the food again! It grabbed a mouthful, smiled at his accomplishment, and walked backward a bit before running under a chair and around the cage to escape the big dog that was chasing him! Bamtol then stopped at the edge of a carpet, lied down, and placed his head between his paws to hide his chewing. The Shiba Inu was irritated, and put his muzzle near the mouth of the Pom, sniffing as Bamtol finished eating what he stole!

Dog steals food again

Then, Bamtol went back to the bowl to steal another mouthful. The owner pulled away the container and held the little doggie under the chin to stop it. That didn’t work, and the Pom went back to the bowl to steal yet another mouthful and got to outsmart the bigger dog, again!

On guard

The Shiba Inu then closely watched his bowl, blocking the little dog. This dog ate the food that was rightfully his and walked away, thinking that he had warded away the little pooch. However, as soon as Shiru left the kitchen, the fluffy Pomeranian came back to fill his mouth again with food!

Shiba Inu eats

The next scene was when the Shiba Inu wanted to show the little dog that it was his food by filling his mouth and dropping a few pieces onto the floor, in full sight of the Pomeranian! The little dog watched the bigger one, agitated as he wanted to eat more, and was pacing back and forth! Then big dog walked out of the room, and the Pom came back to the kitchen area.

Keeping the Pomeranian away

That’s when the Shiba Inu decided to block the Pom from going to the bowl! Bamtol had to behave as now; another Shiba Inu entered the scene to stand in front of him also! As the two large dogs ate their food, the hungry ran and whined in the background as it was miserable!

Training the Pomeranian

To solve the behavioral problem of stealing food from further developing, the owner places Bamtol into a training cage. Here, he taught the little Pom how to sit and wait for its food. The cute fluff ball was obedient, and sat down, acting cute, begging for its food.

Watch how this little Pomeranian got to steal the food of a Shiba Inu dog!

Source: 시바견퐁시루|YouTube




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