Shelter life for dogs can be difficult and lonely. One shelter in Washington is working at making life in their shelter a little easier for the dogs.

Kitsap Humane Society in Silverdale, Washington, has set up a program called The Puppuccino Pals. Every Tuesday afternoon, a shelter volunteer named Molly Clarke takes one dog to Starbucks. Once they are there, Molly orders the dog a special “Puppuccino.”

A Puppuccino is on Starbuck’s secret menu and consists of a small cup of whipped cream. The dogs love it. But the Starbucks outing functions as more than just a coffee break for the pups. The coffee store also posts a “dog of the week” sign, highlighting a dog in hopes of finding it a permanent home.

Molly has been going out with the dogs to Starbucks for many years. The volunteer said the dogs love leaving the shelter and enjoying a special treat. Kitsap Humane Society decided to make it an official program in 2016.

Kitsap’s event and outreach coordinator, Kimberly Cizek Allen, said some of the dogs are not good candidates for the Puppuccino outing. Some of the dogs are timid or have anxiety and don’t do well, leaving the shelter’s grounds. Still, the shelter ensures that every dog gets a special treat, and are highlighted at Starbucks.

If a dog has limitations that prevent it from going to Starbucks, Molly will allow another dog to go, and they will bring a Puppuccino back for the dog that stayed. By being flexible with the program, each dog can do what is most comfortable and appropriate for them, while still being a part of the program.

The shelter includes its Puppuccino Pals on its Instagram account, so each dog gets even more exposure. Not only does the program get the dogs out into the community, but it also helps the dogs find potential homes.

Credits: Kitsap Humane Society Instagram


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