People can be upset for many reasons. Some may be in a bad mood because their favorite sports team just lost. While some don’t like how their significant other is behaving. For us dog lovers, it’s pretty simple: we don’t like it when people say they will adopt a rescue dog but never show up.

So just imagine how we felt we read about Vincente. This cute little pupper is a rescue dog from Colombia; he was saved from the streets by Fundación Rescátame, a non-profit organization from that country. When the staff got word that Vincente was about to be adopted, they went to work straight away.

They bathed him, got his nails done, and so that Vincente makes a good first impression, they put him on a little doggie tuxedo. Now that’s what you call a classy dog. Any human with a beating heart would definitely fall for Vincente. Look at him! Even the vilest criminal out there would soften up at the sight of this cutie!

Unfortunately, when adoption day came, the family canceled. This just broke our hearts into a million pieces. How can anyone say no to cute furball like Vincente? At this point, we were just inconsolable, and we couldn’t do anything because we’re not in Colombia.

This story was so heartbreaking that Fundación Rescátame posted it on Instagram along with the photos. This story broke thousands of hearts around the world, and Vincente’s story was shared by a lot of people. The rescue group explained that this is the reason why they are strict with the adoption process. They don’t want individuals that aren’t really sure about adopting a dog.

But because this pup’s story became viral, it led to him finding a new home! Fundación Rescátame posted on Instagram after a few days showing Vincente with his new mom and brother. Perhaps it’s actually a good thing that his supposed adopters never showed up. Because now we can be sure that this other family will truly love Vincente.

Credits: rescatamebogota


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