Scooter, a 12-year-old Chihuahua, once had the best life. But everything changed when his owner passed away. Rather than relaxing at home, he found himself inside a shelter kennel.

The poor pup was grief-stricken. The change in his environment clearly wasn’t easy. So, he found a way to try and comfort himself.

The senior dog started to tuck himself at night. He’d pull a blue blanket printed with stars and cover it on his tiny body. And once he’s gotten the perfect position, the only body part that would stick out is his tiny little face and pointed ears.

While Scooter is an absolute sweetheart, incredibly loving, and handsome, shelter workers were worried that potential adopters might not be interested with him at all. Besides the obvious that he’s a senior dog, Scooter had a hip injury.

Most people prefer puppies or younger dogs when it comes to adoption. And senior dogs, like Scooter, are usually on the bottom of the list. Still, the shelter took the chance and shared Scooter’s photos online.

To everyone’s surprise, the picture of the senior Chihuahua underneath his cozy blanket changed everything. People from across the United States expressed their intentions of providing Scooter a forever home. And among them was Jessica Lyn Howard.

Jessica lives on a farm with her husband, Tim, their 2 children, and 5 other Chihuahuas they have adopted. Among her dogs, 2 also came from the Humane Society of Branch County, the same shelter where Scooter was. When they saw the senior pup’s photo under the blanket, they instantly knew Scooter belonged with them.

Jessica and Tim hopped into their car the following morning and drove for 3 hours to finally meet Scooter. That same day, she went back home with Scooter as an official member of their family.

The very moment Scooter stepped foot in his new home, the Howard family’s furry members immediately welcomed him into their little pack. It’s like they’re reuniting with a dear friend after so many years.

Scooter still continues his bedtime routine in his new home. But unlike before, he has a family to call his own. Similarly, he has a mom who offers to tuck him in, even though he constantly refuses her help.

Credits to Jan Nageldinger


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