The Coronavirus pandemic surely took a toll on everyone – especially the health care workers who are working on the front lines.

For them, every day is a battle for life and death. With every patient coming into the hospital, the higher the risk that health workers will become infected as well.

All that stress, and the fact that there is not a lot of them in the field, means that they have to double up and work hard to accommodate all the patients that come into the hospital.

They are definitely the heroes of the modern world. But these heroes are only human, and as humans, they get stressed, tired, and sometimes, they lose the will to go on.

So who is there to support them?

For Susan Ryan, an ER doctor based in Denver, Colorado, her service dog companion, Wynn, is what gives her and her colleagues in the ER a much-needed boost in morale.

Wynn is a Labrador who is training to be a service dog. Susan has been taking care of Wynn ever since she was a pup.

Susan brings Wynn every day to work, and Wynn is already familiar with the many faces in the ER.

Katie Basdekas, an EMT, has met Wynn before, and she mentions that Wynn has been doing a great job in the ER.

At times when Susan is busy treating other patients, Katie gets the chance to hold on to Wynn and spend quality time with her.

Wynn goes to the ER and stays in the social worker’s office. To avoid infecting her, no one is allowed to touch her.

But staff can wash up and spend a moment with her, helping them cope with stress and anxiety in this time of need.

We salute the health care workers who are working on the front lines to help save people, and of course, we salute service dogs like Wynn, who helps health care workers deal with stress and anxiety and be able to help save more lives.

Source docplusdog via Instagram


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