Dogs are exceptionally adventurous especially when it comes to navigating their surroundings. And, at times, they thoughtlessly plunge themselves into something without thinking of a tangible exit plan beforehand. Nevertheless, those who are still saved and rescued from this frightful situation are the luckiest and fortunate ones.

This is actually what happened to an 8-year-old Spaniel/Terrier mix from Dorset, named Teazle, after being trapped in a tree root all night. The pooch loves to do something of her accord. She was fond of wandering around the Delcombe woods chasing squirrels until one day she suddenly went missing. When her fur mom, Clare Tredrea, came to realize she didn’t return home along with her canine siblings, she started to panic.

The search for the missing Teazle then began. Since the family lives near the woods, they were positive that the pup hadn’t gone elsewhere. So, aside from scanning thoroughly the entire place all evening, they were also calling out her name but with no luck.

The next day, they started to look for Teazle again. They came looking for every possible hiding spot, burrow, and fence line. After carefully checking the area repeatedly, Clare’s son, Jack, spotted a pair of beady eyes by chance from the base of a tree, and it was no other than Teazle. She was stuck in a hole inside a tree root the whole time, and they failed to notice it since last night.

As per the family, uncovering Teazle’s haven spot was pure fate. She was fluky that Jack stood at the right angle to see her exact location. Afterward, the family got right to work in getting the trapped pup out from the tree prison. In less than an hour, they were successfully able to free Teazle from her uninhabitable situation unscratched.

Teazle’s family couldn’t help but feel grateful that she was out and alive after all. If it wasn’t for a bit of miraculous luck, chances are the pup would be left to die out in the woods alone. Fortunately, Teazle can now go home to her loving family safe and sound and is healthy and happy too. At the end of the day, being attentive and vigilant is paramount if we go looking for a missing dog out and about.

Source: @clare.tredrea


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