Rita Earl Blackwell, a photographer and a dog lover, has helped thousands of homeless and shelter dogs find a better chance at life. She offers her services to rescues and shelters at no cost and networks the animals so they can find their perfect matches. So when she saw Dumpy, she didn’t think twice and instantly decided to lend a helping hand.

Dumpy stayed with a female Chihuahua inside a kennel. While she was so happy to see people all the time, he cowered behind her because of fear. And it didn’t take long before she left him because she already had a bunch of adopters while he had nobody.

Rita knew Dumpy wanted to trust but the loud noise in the shelter left him terrified. He’d probably do better in a home, she thought. She grabbed her phone and texted A Purposeful Rescue to ask for help. Immediately, the rescue group responded and said they’d love to be of help.

In no time, the rescue group found a foster home for the senior dog, and Rita couldn’t be more excited to know where the little guy was staying. Kaley Cuoco, an actress and an animal lover, offered to care for Dumpy. She has a huge farm and adding another dog to her already big pack was no problem at all.

Dumpy, despite his fears, started venturing out of his dog bed. He was either on the couch or on the bed. But no matter where he was, he made sure to pancake himself under a warm comfy blanket.

In five days, the senior dog felt very much comfortable in his new surroundings. He ran around the house and played with his new dog siblings. He was like a whole new dog as explained by his foster mama.

It only took a short time before Kaley decided she couldn’t let Dumpy go anywhere else. She’s fallen deeply in love with him and he’s become her soul mate.

Kaley and Dumpy are inseparable. She brings him on her tapings and shoots and travels with him anytime they have a chance. They are perfect and made for each other.

Credits to Instagram@Adventures with Dumps


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