Dog shows are the best venues to show off your dog’s talents and grace. And one of the most prestigious shows out there is the Beverly Hills Dog Show presented by Purina.

According to Purina, the Beverly Hills Dog Show brings the glitz and glam of Hollywood to the world of dogs in a star-studded event that people can’t miss. This features high-profile celebrities and personalities. For the last year’s edition, stars, such as Brian Baumgartner and Maria Menounos, attended the event.

This year’s event had the same level of glitz and extravagance. But what made this year’s dog show truly special was the winner. Nick, the Siberian Husky, won the Best in Show.

Battle of the best dogs

The Beverly Hills Dog Show featured some of the best dogs out there in different categories. But it was Nick, the Siberian Husky, who beat out hundreds of dogs that were representing different breeds. The participating breeds were all recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Initially, Nick won the Working Group, which was joined by 27 breeds. After that, he competed against the other six group winners. Eventually, he won the top honor. The Shetland Sheepdog, on the other hand, was hailed as Reserve Best in Show.

Nick hailed from China and was handled by Michelle Scott. This was their debut at the prestigious dog show. Michelle said that Nick not only had the athleticism of the ideal Working Group dog, but he also had the mindset of one.

The other scene stealers

The dog show had a slew of stunning competitors that captured everyone’s attention. Among them were the Barbet and Dogo Argentino, both making their debut at the show.

The Barbet, which competed in the Sporting Group, originated from France as a water dog. The dog had always been depicted in artwork back in the 16th century. On the other hand, the Dogo Argentino competed in the Working Group. It originated from Argentina and was popular as a hunting dog.

Video Source: NBC Sports via YouTube


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