Dogs are generally friendly towards people they trust. However, they can also be as equally cautious with strangers. Those are not surprising. However, what if a dog is only apprehensive towards foreigners?

This is the story of a dog named Kong. He is a dog from South Korea, and whenever anyone who isn’t Korean enters the room, he barks at them. Is this dog a xenophobe? That’s very unlikely because dogs do not have the concept of prejudice.

A dog’s behavior is affected by their instincts and responses from memories. A theory given by dog expert Chanjong involves trauma. It could be possible that Kong didn’t have a pleasant encounter with a foreigner in the past.

Another question pops up. How does Kong determine who the foreigner is? Can a dog’s eyesight distinguish the difference? The answer points to a different sense. His sense of smell.

It was confirmed when a Korean man put on the jacket of a foreign man and interacted with Kong. After finding out the cause of the problem and how Kong interacts with foreigners, dog expert Chanjong administered his solution. It involved a giant room and some clever people rotations.

Two people were with Kong at all times. They were Chanjong and Kong’s owner. While the three of them were in the room, Chanjong would instruct people to come in and sit in a corner.

The people who came in and out of the room alternated from Korean to foreigners. The plan was similar to exposure therapy. After some time, everyone entered the room. The room filled with a mix of Koreans and foreigners.

The next step was to have Kong eat a treat from the palm of a foreigner’s hand. This was done while everyone was inside the room. Chanjong and Kong’s owner integrated themselves with the group as well.

The experiment was successful. Kong became more comfortable interacting with foreigners. Once again, another dog changed by the crafty solutions provided by dog expert Chanjong.

Original story by SBS TV Animal Farm via YouTube.


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