Potate or Tate, as her owners call her, was once a stray puppy. She lived on the streets, and no one cared for her. Fortunately, someone picked her up and brought her to a shelter. There, Hailee Graham and her husband saw Tate and fell in love with her. The couple adopted the adorable pup and took her home. Now that the pooch has her family, it was time to meet her best friend.

Breaking barriers

Tate loved being in her new home. She had parents who fed and cared for her, and she had a backyard where she can play and run around. But something beyond the fence just kept calling out to her. As it turns out, it was the next-door neighbor’s dog, Vernon.

Vernon was roughly around Tate’s age, and he arrived around the same time too. Both dogs sensed each other’s presence, and they called out to one another. Nobody knew how but they just seemed to form a bond with each other. One thing blocked their friendship though, the yard fence.

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The two started to look for ways to get to each other. One day Hailee walked out to the yard and saw that Tate was digging a hole underneath the fence. And as it turned out, Vernon was doing the same thing on the other side. They tried to stop them, but they would repeatedly do the same.

So they had the idea to put a door in the fence so that the two dogs can freely move from one yard to another. The neighbors discussed the idea, and they loved it. Hailee’s husband worked on the door one weekend, and after that, everything was better for the two dogs. They go visit each other regularly and just hang out together. The dogs couldn’t be any happier.

Source: News Media One via Youtube


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