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It’s heartbreaking to see dogs who are so thin and are fighting for their lives. This was the case for the 17-pound pit bull named Reese. When she was first rescued, she was disturbingly skinny. Kay from Jersey Pits Rescue narrates this dog’s incredible recovery.

At first glance, this dog’s bones are visible already. Reese was rescued by good samaritans, and the local animal control handed her over to the rescue organization. She could only lift her and stand with assistance, but she doesn’t have the strength to walk.

The dog was willing to trust her rescuers. The next few days after being rescued, Reese seemed like she was declining. She was no longer able to lift her head like before.

When Reese was trying to survive, her body was running on adrenaline. However, when she was in the shelter, her body started relaxing and getting ready for healing. Despite her condition, she would still display signs of affection.

When Kay started to see the changes, she was overjoyed. Reese started barking again like a normal dog. After a few weeks, she could stand on her own, but she still had a long way to go.

Soon Reese was literally making small steps. After a month, she was already walking out of the hospital. Then she met her foster mom Ryn.

Reese was nervous at first, but when she got to her foster home, she started enjoying herself. There were toys for her to play. She was so excited and sniffing around the house.

Reese was ready to be in a home and do things a normal housepet will do. She jumps on the couch and watches TV with her foster parents. She also discovered how much she loved walking outside.

This pit bull has come a long way from her former situation. She’s another example of dogs who are always grateful. Let’s hope more dogs get a happy ending like Reese.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.


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