Dog trainers know how to train a dog well to prepare them for domestic living. However, there are added challenges when the dog being trained has physical disabilities. An example of this is when dog trainer Brandon McMillan trained Kai, a dog with one eye.

Brandon went to an animal shelter in West Los Angeles to pick up a Papillon mix. His name is Kai, and he was picked up as a stray. Special needs dogs like him are often overlooked.

Brandon brought Kai to his training ranch. The other dogs in that place welcomed him. Kai seemed to enjoy the environment, which was a good sign for Brandon.

During the first day of training, Brandon assessed whether Kai how knowledge of the common commands. Kai knew what to do when asked to sit. He also knows how to lie down.

When Brandon asked Kai to stay, he seemed lost. Fortunately, the trainer knows what to do when teaching a dog the basics of staying. He placed Kai on a platform so he couldn’t jump off. While Kai was on the platform, Brandon uttered the word “stay” and rewarded him with treats.

The next step was lowering the platform and doing the same thing. The last step was putting Kai back on the ground and repeating the same step. Kai was clever, so he learned how to follow the command based on the previous actions.

Despite Kai being able to learn quickly, Brandon faced some challenges. He usually uses hand signals when training dogs. However, since Kai can come only with one eye, the dog couldn’t perceive every signal he made every time. The trainer had to rely on his voice alone.

Kai was also spooked by noises that came from his left. He would be scared of a leaf falling or any rustle. Brandon had to desensitize Kai to noises coming from the side which he cannot see. Kai is going to eventually complete Brandon’s training course, but everything is going well.

Video courtesy of DABL via YouTube.


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