Dogs can often form special bonds with people other than their owners. When this happens, it’s usually the owner’s immediate relative. The following scenario is a perfect example of this case.

Mungchi is a golden retriever who loves to swim in rivers and lakes. The story about his swimming habits has been documented in a different video by SBS TV. For this story, Mungchi is brought to the house of his owner’s mother. For brevity, we will address the mother as Mungchi’s grandma.

There are only two things that Mungchi gets excited about. Swimming and visiting his grandma. He gets special treatment whenever he is there.

For starters, Mungchi always gets served watermelon. When grandma waters the plants in her garden, Mungchi follows her. He follows her wherever she goes around the house. If she’s watching television, he will sit on the couch with her.

Mungchi used to live with his grandma, so they’ve been together for a long time. During those times, she always brings him sweet potatoes. He is a very well-fed dog around her. It’s no wonder why he gets excited whenever he sees her again.

During the visit, Mungchi’s owner takes the opportunity to give him a bath inside a large basin. It’s an activity that he enjoys since he loves water. During the bathing session, the owner scrubs Mungchi’s entire body. This relaxes him so much that he falls asleep.

After the bathing session, Mungchi goes back inside the house where his grandma is waiting for him. She has prepared stripped chicken tenders for him. Mungchi gobbles up the food in record time, just like he always does every time he visits.

The relationship between Mungchi and his grandma is undeniably adorable and wholesome. It looks like she treats the dog better than her son. Of course, the son doesn’t mind because he’s happy to see both his dog and mother enjoying their time together.

Video courtesy of SBS TV via YouTube.


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