There’s no shortage of impressive dogs when it comes to tricks. However, occasionally, we encounter a dog owner who is willing to teach their pets an extraordinary talent. The following video is a demonstration of how far some pet owners are eager to go to teach their dog weird quirks.

If you like playing video games, odds are you’ve heard of Minecraft. It’s a very popular game that involves surviving in the wilderness and thriving using resources found within the game. It sounds too complicated for a dog to learn, and it is. However, a Youtuber named Liam Thompson is willing to teach his dog Max the fundamentals.

Here’s how Liam got prepared. Since Max doesn’t have opposable thumbs, Liam needed to make a customized keyboard. He took off all the keys on his keyboard except for two keys. The first key allows Max to issue a walk forward command in the game, and the other one acts as the left click.

Liam then cut out two pieces of cardboard and placed them on the two keys. Max now has two pads to press on command. The walk button is red, while the left clicker is purple.

Liam opened a pack of dog treats to use for positive reinforcement. The command of choice for pressing the purple pad is “destroy.” That’s the first command that Max will be trained at. It took several tries, but after hundreds of attempts, Max finally learned the destroy command.

Once Max learned a command to press a button, pressing the other button became easy. All Liam had to do was make a different command and point to the other button. This time Liam simply said, “walk.” That was enough for max to understand and press the red pad.

Technically, what Max learned is pressing buttons, not really playing the game. Never once did the dog look at the monitor for too long. However, the fans of Liam didn’t mind it at all. The training still counts as Max playing Minecraft. Watch the hilarious training session in the video below.

Video courtesy of Liam Thompson via YouTube.


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