Daschunds Peanut and Maya, along with their hedgehog sibling, Minnie, aren’t exactly the typical family. But they get along well, they love each other, and that’s all that matters.

Maya, Peanut and Minnie

The phrase “a dog is a man’s best friend” has been said countless times, but dogs are amazing animals they can make friends with other creatures too. Take Peanut and Maya, for example, cute and adorable dachshunds, who are bonded with their spiky friend, Minnie, a hedgehog.

This tiny family has been together since 2015. Their doting human, Natasha Fernandes of Woking, Surrey. Natasha first had Minnie, an African Pygmy hedgehog. African pygmies like Minnie are bred as pets, so they thrive well in a domesticated setting, and aren’t likely to survive in the wild.

Fortunately for Minnie, her life isn’t boring at all. She was later joined by Maya, who developed an instant liking on her. According to Natasha, Maya has the loveliest temperament. She’s sweet, gentle, and friendly to Minnie.

A year later, Peanut joined the miniature family, and it’s been quite a happy ruckus since then. The two dachshunds are in love with their hedgehog sister. They always follow Minnie around like an entourage. They also sleep and eat together. They even let the spiky hedgehog climb all over their backs.

An unusual but adorable miniature family

The threesome isn’t a typical family, but they get along well. They are playful and mischievous like any other pets. Natasha thinks the three are tightly bonded they never really get into a real fight. Natasha even recalls a time when Minnie stole some of Maya’s food. The dog did not even growl or snap. Instead, she allowed the naughty hedgehog to eat in peace.

Natasha documents her pets’ lives on Instagram, and that little family isn’t so small anymore. They’ve welcomed another mini dachshund, Stella and one more hedgehog, Peppa. They’re a huge hit on the internet as they’ve amassed almost 90K adoring followers. We aren’t surprised, though. This family is just too cute and adorable not to follow.

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