Who says humans are the only beings capable of getting starstruck? This yellow labrador retriever served all the childhood feels when he met a famous cartoon character while visiting Disneyland.

Ace is a future guide dog, and on this beautiful day, he was out doing socialization training. His volunteer trainer was with him walking around in the crowd, giving Ace a feel of what’s in store for him.

They took the slow rides, and the dog reveled in the experience of it all. Ace looked happy and alert, with no signs of confusion or anxious behavior in him. Those are useful markers for success, pet!

While doing one of the slow rides, Ace spotted a familiar figure hanging around. It was Pluto, a Disney favorite cartoon character. The doggo was so starstruck that he lay down on the ground, tail wagging in excitement.

Pluto was incredibly accommodating, and his signature grin was too much for this guide dog in the making to take. Ace took a quick break from being a trainee and went on full fan mode.

His reaction’s much like us when we see our favorite celebrities, and yes, we do remember Pluto from our childhood years. We swear we could also hear his voice whenever we see his goofy smile.

Ace took the experience a step further when he approached Pluto and touched his nose to him. We bet the retriever felt like everything was surreal, and he was giddily excited about all of it too!

Yep, we understand, pet. We don’t get to see stars every day, much less get up close and personal. We have a feeling this retriever did well, thanks to a little celeb encounter.

You’ll do great, Ace; we have a feeling this little meet-and-greet did more than motivate you. Use that inspiration to be the most incredible guide dog out there!

Photo and video credits to Inside Edition via YouTube


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